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Seagull Replica Watch “Shenzhen Watch Posted on 3rd July 2015 by watchesadmin

1 Seagull fertile flowers series “60th Anniversary” commemoration 618.663 18K replica watches china rose gold fine long power Tourbillon (Limited to 200)

Seagull Wo Duo series “60th Anniversary” commemoration 618.663 18K rose gold fine long power Tourbillon

Movement Type: ST8030 Function: The center, sub-indicator; 12-bit Tourbillon; hand chain motion parameters: the thickness of 3.5 mm; keep walking when ≥72 hours; vibration frequency of 28 800 times / hour; 23 drill Case: Thickness 9.1mm, 18K pink gold, crown, sapphire crystal and background Disk: white disc Strap: crocodile leather strap; 18K pink gold buckle Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof Reference price: 68,000 yuan RMB

On the occasion of “first watch of China,” the 60th anniversary of replica watches china the birth of the brand “Seagull” launched its first slim fitted long power “Tourbillon” Watch the movement of men, will be “more precise, when a walk over, game over. ” new ideas in this Tourbillon “shine art.”

618.663 seagulls look with thin hand chain ST8030 self-developed thin Tourbillon Tourbillon mechanical watch movements, tandem dual power eccentric system when the full chain up to 72 hours, 28,800 beats / hour, patented design “Weight type of code can be adjusted balance” no balance spring system of the card, swirl logo stent shape like a fly on the back of Alice Wang “Seagull”; thickness of only 9.1mm of the classical case rounded legs, echoing the “fertile flowers” inspiration (drop drop) thin design, table mirror sapphire hemispherical arc, 24:00 hollow design position so that “Tourbillon” operation is clearly visible, with a perspective of observation chipped background beautiful hand movements via watchmaker great vision, “fashion while always striving for perfection,” design your watch will Tiptop …… “Treasure House” in a every moment in the journey of life, the more intimate taste extraordinary achievements.

2 designer collections seagull ST8267G 18K rose gold “pearl Tuo” Coaxial Tourbillon (Limited 100)

Designer Series Seagull ST8267G 18K pink gold “pearl Tuo” Coaxial Tourbillon

Movement Type: ST8267 Function: Center of minute instructions; 06:00 coaxial whirlwind; Mini-automatic hammer; unidirectional channel motion parameters: the thickness of 5.8mm, keep walking when ≥40 hours; the vibration frequency of 21 600 times / hr; 31 drill Case: 42.5mm diameter; 18K pink gold, crown; the vault of sapphire table mirror; 18K rose gold prospect (sapphire) down Dial: white disc Strap: crocodile leather strap; 18K pink gold buckle Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

Hammer Mini-automatic coaxial Seagull Tourbillon ST8267G cheap fake watches china thickness of china replica watches only 5.8 mm, compatible with the prototype hand-wound tourbillon watch movement ST8260G coaxial thickness, increasing the thickness of the cause of the integrated Mini-automatic hammer “Auto Hammer” generated design and digestion, and the eccentric rotor structure while maintaining the external dimensions of the original, in which three bearings reduce friction loss, and are winding efficiency has been improved. Mini-automatic hammer known as the “pearl Tuo” as first application of this technology brand in high-end watches, the degree of sophistication of their organs, parts processing difficulties, visual aesthetic effects fill a void, so the leader of the brand in a new high standing shoulder to shoulder shows Famous International.

Meanwhile, as the table “Designer Series” first Seagull watch from heavy weight range, its design is more “began in 1955 the first watch of China,” the table Seagull “brand” brings a new Wind – Basket Case style and sides of the design of the raised trellis line, giving a sense of the majestic meteorology, the online home of three open architecture and prominent display of this fine show and texture; Table wrist refined overall appearance and persistence chosen style, combining architectural aesthetics, perfectly highlight the unique and personal charm of the wearer.

3 Seagull series star “60th Anniversary” commemoration 618.660 18K rose gold coaxial any map Tourbillon (Limited to 600)

Seagull Star Series “60th Anniversary” commemoration 618.660 18K rose gold coaxial any map Tourbillon

Movement Type: ST8260W Function: The center, sub-indicator; 6:00 coaxial tourbillon no card; hand chain; motion parameters: 5.35mm thick, when you keep going ≥55 hours; the vibration frequency of 21 600 times / hr; 21 drill Case: 42mm diameter; 18K rose gold case, crown, sapphire crystal and background Dial: white disc Strap: crocodile leather strap; 18K pink gold buckle Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

“AD at 17:45 March 24, 1955, when the last part assembled, four workers gather to watch the trial fully wound – hands began to turn up, watch issued uniform and rhythmic ‘tick’ sound … … looking fresh, simple and elegant, but the ‘Made in China’ three gold and a star on the dial, following with the words “fifteen drill is.” The watch called “star” first shows of China to make China “can not repair the table, you can not create the table” of the interrupted story, a Chinese national brand to the world watches the big things of the opening.

AD 2015, the Lunar New Year Yi Wei, Jia Zi reincarnation, time of year fake watches china reunion to commemorate the “China first table” 60’s birthday, Seagull will introduce the series “five star” watches, 818.660 is the series of watches Classic, no card with the coaxial tourbillon movement, so there are maps of the structure on mechanical defects precision timing can be improved, free sprung balance wheel in aspects design, manufacture, assembly, have set high technical content, without some technical strength of the watch business difficult to overcome the fact that he has become a symbol of high-end configuration of mechanical watches; elegant, refined Roman index, etching the lower flag coverage to five stars, with India there “SINCE 1955 ~ 2015″ The ribbon pattern on the dial and watch the end scene, reveals a classic  grwmetby. vintage rolex watches ebay uk230; … This series of watches brings together all the “core Seagull”, mechanical goods luxury watches light became the new darling of the public in the wrist.

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A new brand: Earn 60 years – Seagull bring new upgrade work Tourbillon unveiled Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair Keywords: Seagull Watching

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As we all know, Avenger series watches are all in large diameters. This new watch also is in 50m diameter. Actually such big size is rare in the watch market. But it does not mean the large size watches are not popular. On the contrary, the Breitling Avenger replica watches with self-winding movements  are quite popular and play a large position in the sales of Breilting.

Besides the two watches are fixed with dark and yellow dials. Although they have the same design and structure, the yellow dials copy watches are more attractive. The brave color collation brings us a bright feeling and the exquisite Breitling fake watches  with black crocodile straps can attract us at the first sight. Of course it is my idea. How do you think?